By Tyler Cichonski

How to Find Results-Focused Plant Advice

As more people discover the joy of growing plants, a wave of new advice is arriving. People are sharing everything they learn along their journeys, from the best nutrients to how to get rid of pests.

With so many new voices offering perspectives, it can be hard to know which tips will work for your plants and what might not be best for them. 

4 Tips to Find Better Plant Advice

Want to find the most relevant suggestions for your plants? Keep these four key things in mind when looking for advice: 

Consider the person’s audience. Find a plant lover who is making content for exactly where you’re at, whether you’re a new plant lover or long-time grower. 

Consider their research and tests. Look for people sharing tips that have been proven to work through testing and research. This doesn’t mean if someone has a new, unproven idea it shouldn’t be explored. But if you want the most direct path to helping your plants thrive, find people sharing well-tested advice.

Consider their motivations. Prioritize advice from people focused on supporting the plant community rather than just collecting followers. Bonus points if they show how they put their advice into practice.

Consider their environment. The environment you grow your plants in makes a huge impact on the care they require. Think about where someone lives and how much light their plants get, following the advice of others with a similar setup to yours.

3 Plant Instagrammers With Proven Advice

Ready to find your perfect match for plant advice? Check out these three Instagrammers who are my go-tos for plant advice:

House + Plant


Mr. Houseplant

One Last Thing

As you explore plant advice, don’t be too hard on yourself or others. It’s okay to try out new things and experiment to see what works best for your plants.