Rousseau Moss Pole - Watch for a restock in a couple weeks

Rousseau Moss Pole - Watch for a restock in a couple weeks

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Are you ready for the new Rousseau Moss Pole? We are! We’ve developed a production prototype and we’re ready to get the ball rolling on our first batch. To make this happen, we’re raising funds with a pre-sale.

The new Rousseau Moss Poles can be hung or free standing. The vertical pole provides stability for growing big plants, and it’s extendable just like our original prototype.

This base version will hold two of our clear moss poles for a total growing height of 31 inches. The extensions are the same height as the base.

The Moss Pole comes with soil mix you can use to fill your pole.

We’re taking 20% off the retail price as a thank you for being an early adopter.

Two versions of the same tower

We’re offering two versions made of different wood. One is made from birch and the other is made from meranti. The main difference is the color. Birch is a light colored wood while meranti is darker. They both play the same role, they just look a little different doing it.

Where are we at?

So far we’ve developed a production prototype. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll refine the design until we get it just right. The main functionality and look of the moss pole will stay the same, but we expect to see some minor tweaks in details and proportions. We’ll be providing more details on specs and features as we get closer to production. We’re just as curious to see where the design will end up. 

From there, we’ll run production. While we’re confident in our production prowess, there are always issues that come up. Just to be safe, we’re giving ourselves up to 6 weeks to finish the first batch. We expect it to take 2-3 weeks if most things go according to plan. Either way, we’ll be providing updates. 

We’ve already started switching over our plants to the new Moss Poles. We couldn’t be more excited about starting our first batch. 

Our estimated timeline

Weeks 1-2: Refine The Design

Weeks 2-4: Run Production

Weeks 3-4: Ship Rousseau Moss Poles

What about refunds?

Pre-sales help us get a project off the ground. Thanks for trusting us! Refunds can be given if you change your mind anytime before shipping.