Anthurium Warocqueanum Standout 2

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Standout plants are selected for being bigger than the 90% of the sibling plants. We were holding these back for the next generation, but we are out of room.

Our babies are growing up! You will receive the plant shown here. They’ve been kept in 45-70% humidity since May 2021 so that they arrive acclimated. 

If one of the heat pack options is sold out, that means the plant has sold. Refunds will be automatically given for plants that are bought twice. 

These are quite vigorous and have done well in ambient ATL indoor humidity. They prefer airflow over stagnant humidity. We recommend potting them up into a 4-6 inch pot within a month of delivery. It's okay to pot them up right away.

We timed this listing so the newest leaf is freshly hardened. We do our best to package these so they arrive in pristine condition, but sometimes cosmetic damage happens. No worries! That next leaf will come in beautifully.

We have added an option for heat packs!

If you have problems please get in touch.