• Meet your plants' new BFFs.

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Meet your plants' new BFFs.

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Love your plants like family? We do too. Treat them right with our pendant Grow Lights and handmade wood Plant Towers and Poles.

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Grow Lights


Plant Towers

Grow Light Wall Mounts

Give your plants the light they deserve.

Transform any part of your home into a bright living space for your plants with our Grow Lights. Whether your plants are far from natural sunlight or next to a window, a Grow Light improves their quality of life.

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Grow your indoor jungle.

Help your Philodendrons and Pothos climb, just like they do in the jungle. Your plants will feel at home with our handmade wood Plant Towers and Poles.

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Plants that are ready for your home.

We grow our Anthuriums, Monsteras, and Philodendrons in a mild indoor environment, with lower light and humidity levels. Growing our plants in the right conditions makes them better prepared for your home than the average house plant.

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Why our customers love Rousseau Plant Care.

After two months of consistently using this grow light, I can say my plants are loving it.

I use this light to cover my plants on top of my crate plant shelf, and I have it on for 15 hours a day. I have a mix of succulents and tropicals under the light, and both are doing extremely well and growing as expected.

I love that the light is a bright white, so your plants can really stand out, and it’s beautifully designed.


My Rousseau Grow Light is such a beautiful addition to my home, and it has helped my plants thrive.

Most grow lights are not attractive, but the Rousseau light really fits in with my decor.

It's also helped one of my struggling plants recover.