About Us

Plants unite us.

Growing plants is a beautiful connection to nature and our communities. But it can be hard to know what your plants need to thrive.

That's where Rousseau Plant Care (pronounced roo-so) comes in. We want to help you grow healthy plants. Our team is constantly experimenting with lighting, soil, nutrients, plant poles, and more to understand plants' needs. We take these lessons and apply them when designing our Grow Lights, Plant Towers and Poles, and care guidance, so you can get it right the first time.

Designed with love in Atlanta, GA.

Everything we create is designed to be beautiful and functional while being mindful of costs. Our studio designs small-batch wooden Plant Towers and Poles, Grow Light Wall Mounts, and custom wooden plant accessories.

In our nursery, we grow Anthuriums, Monsteras, and Philodendrons. All of our plants are grown in a mild indoor environment, with lower light and humidity levels, so they're ready for your home.

Meet the founder.

Not so long ago, Tyler Cichonski was an engineer at a major LED manufacturer. After realizing most grow lights didn't fit into living spaces well, he started spending his free time building lights for his plants.

Fast-forward to today, Tyler has united his passions for science and problem-solving with his deep love for plants, launching Rousseau Plant Care in 2019. Rousseau offers everything you need to grow a jungle in your home—from plants to Grow Lights.