Clear Moss Pole Instructions and Tips

Follow these instructions to get the best out of your clear moss poles

Use the edge of a table to fold along the score line

Tip: The angle of the folds should be less than 90 degrees

Insert tabs into the corresponding holes

Tip: Insert the top, middle, and bottom tabs first

A stable base makes all the difference

Tip: Mix something heavy into your medium to weigh down the base. Add 3 parts sand, pumice, or rocks to 1 part medium and fill the pot 3/4 of the way up to improve stability

Fill the pole with your favorite medium

We like to use a chunky aroid mix

Position the growth point at the base of the pole

Tip: Use a 1 node cutting or wrap your vine around the pole so that the growth point is at the base.

Use a tab to secure the nodes against the medium to help with rooting

Water your new moss pole

Tip: water once a day for the first 4 days to help hydrate your medium. Some ingredients need a little extra help.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Potting soil can be used, but we recommend mixing with leca or a chunky orchid mix

This will vary depending on conditions and what you fill the poles with. We like to wait until the medium is almost dry. For our chunky aroid mix this typically takes 3-7 days.

For most Anthuriums we recommend using the Pot Extenders