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  • Black Pendant Grow Light SHIPS IN 2-4 WEEKS
  • Black Pendant Grow Light SHIPS IN 2-4 WEEKS

Black Pendant Grow Light SHIPS IN 2-4 WEEKS

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 Rousseau Plant Care Grow Lights are designed to grow your favorite house plants in style. 



    • Hardwired LED
    • 18 ft Cloth Covered Cord with Switch
    • Metal Construction
    • Assembled in Atlanta
    • PPF 44 μmol/sec

      • 2 Cord Guides
      • Ceiling Mount Hardware
      • Smart Plug/Timer

    Lights that look as good as they function.

    • 35 Watts

      The right level of power to help your plants grow and thrive in your home.

    • 4000K Full Spectrum

      Matched to mid-day sunlight, so your plants can always soak up the sun. 

    • 15-year Life

      Rated for 15 years of continuous use, so your plants never run out of light.

    Quality Grow Lights, guaranteed.

    Rousseau Plant Care products are designed to be repaired, refurbished, and upgraded, so our Grow Lights make your plants happy for hundreds of years.

    The Grow Lights are covered by a 5-year warranty and lifetime support. If anything goes wrong within the first 5 years, we’ll send you a replacement for free. If anything goes wrong after that, we'll work with you to repair it. 

    The perfect Grow Light for your favorite plants.

    We've grown healthy Philodendron, Anthurium, Monstera, Orchids, Calathea, succulents, desert plants, and more under the Rousseau Pendant Grow Light. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great grow light!

    Aesthetically pleasing and functional. I’m able to put this light in a common area of my home and have plants thrive at the same time. I’ve had this for about a month and have already seen results!

    The absolute best - SERIOUSLY!

    I have two of these in my home and one at my studio - they have seriously upped my plant game - happy plants getting additional needed light in winter and steady bright light year round. My husband is very sensitive to bright lighting and doesn’t mind these at all - if you knew him you would understand how much of a big deal this is! The color temperature is natural and easy to live with. Thank you for making good looking extremely effective grow lights that are absolute game changers for plant health and happiness! I have cactus, rare orchids, and hoya amoung many other beauties living their best lives as a result of adding in these lights to our environment and my care routine. 💐🤩☀️ I use either a 14-16 hour cycle everyday based on plant requirement/needs.

    Eli Pogue
    Great growing lights!

    Lights look great. Check.

    Plants love them. Check.

    Easy to mount/hang, and I love that the beam angle is adjustable! My desk plants and living room plants thriving!

    Best pendant grow light!

    I purchased this grow light and mount several months ago and it’s been amazing. I actually need to purchase another, since I’ve just been alternating some of my plants that are in lower light, underneath it. And each time I do, a new leaf pops out!

    Paige C.
    Best Light Ever!!

    I can’t say enough good things about this grow light! I don’t trust anything else for my favorite plants. I use it on my Thai Constellation & it puts out a new leaf every few months. It also looks amazing from a design/decor perspective. I also had the bulb blow and contacted customer service who immediately sent me a brand new light and a return label to send back the damaged one. Worth every penny!