Get Your Plants Ready

We are excited to announce the Southeast Plant Exhibition, a special plant showcase brought to you in collaboration with The Southeast Plant Show. Visit their site to learn about the vendors.

This special event is a celebration for plant enthusiasts: from amateur botanists to seasoned gardeners, and everyone in between. Get your plants ready to showcase and inspire plant lovers from around the Southeast and beyond.

  • Cash Prizes awarded by attendees

  • Show off your plants

  • Learn from other growers


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We’ll be displaying plants in three different categories: greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor plants. We want to showcase the best of each category while showing attendees what’s possible in each growing environment

Big to small, ugly to gorgeous, we want to see it all. We’ll have awards for more popular categories like Aroids, Hoyas, Carnivorous, and Arid plants.

We’ll be opening up applications later this Spring. Sign up for email notifications to be the first to know all the details.

Definitely! We’ll have a section for plants that won’t be judged.

We’re going to let the Southeast Plant Show attendees distribute the prize purse.

These plants are meant for display and will not be for sale. There will be tons of vendors in the next room with excellent plants.