Healthy Leaf

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Foliar Feed

Magnesium, Kelp & A Little Bit of Magic

Leaves need nutrients, too. Healthy Leaf darkens leaves, protects against the effects of low humidity, and improves aerial root growth. It helps get those plants attached. Magnesium, the heart of chlorophyll, is combined with organic acids and extracts from 9 plants so that it’s easily absorbed. Kelp sends a signal to the roots to tell them it's time to grow. 

Healthy Leaf works with any nutrient and is the perfect addition to Healthy Root and Aroid Food. It’s great for all soil and medium types.

Nutrient Facts:

  • Mix 1 tsp per gallon - Spray solution can be kept for 2 weeks
  • Use with all mediums (organic soil, leca, pon, and water culture).
  • Widely tested on Aroids and tropical plants for long periods of time in different environments.
  • Safe for overhead application.