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  • Pre-Sale Rousseau Sturdy Pole
  • Pre-Sale Rousseau Sturdy Pole

Pre-Sale Rousseau Sturdy Pole

Regular price

This is a pre-sale for our new sturdy pole. This size is best for climbing philos and pothos. 

The bases will be individually numbered to signify the order in which it was made.

The new Rousseau Sturdy Pole is ready for production. We simplified the the design of our Moss Pole for people that like using bare wood as a support. 

In the right conditions, plants will latch onto the oak for extra support.

The bottom of the pole and base are finished with a yacht grade varnish that protects against sunlight and water. The rest of the pole is left unfinished so roots can latch on.

This base version is 36 inches tall. Just like the Moss Poles, it can be extended. 

Made from high quality materials

These are made to last. They feature oak dowels and high quality birch plywood.

Our estimated timeline

We expect to ship these with 6-9 weeks from the initial pre-order.

What about refunds?

Pre-sales help us get a project off the ground. Thanks for trusting us! Refunds can be given if you change your mind anytime before shipping.