The Prototype V2 - Extendable Aroid Tower Extension

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Plants not included. Requires base piece. This listing is reserved for customers who already have a base piece. 

The V2 extensions use 16 inch channels instead of 12 inch channels.

The Prototype is designed to make it easier to grow mature Philodendron, Epipremnum (Pothos), and small Monstera. The wood creates a humid micro climate that encourages aerial roots to grow into the soil/medium channel as it climbs.

The extensions bolt onto the piece below it with the supplied hardware. You can stack up to 3 extensions on a base piece before needing additional support.

The soil/medium channel can be filled with sphagnum moss or your favorite chunky mix. The mesh screen keeps the soil/medium inside the channel. These stay moist much longer than conventional moss poles. With the right mix, these only need to be watered every 5-10 days.

We can pack the channels with our house aroid mix. It includes perlite, pumice, orchid bark, coco chunks, coco coir, bio char, and slow release fertilizer.

Included in the Box:

  • Extension Piece

  • 1 Soil/Medium Channel

  • Mesh

  • Felt
  • Connecting Hardware

Materials Include:

  • Painted Vinyl

  • Yacht Grade Okume Plywood

  • Plant-Friendly Teak Oil